Mobile Farm Fresh

The mission of Mobile Farm Fresh is to create community-based solutions that address the lack of healthy food access in low-income neighborhoods. Through providing access to fresh fruits & vegetables and other healthy food staples, we hope to reduce food insecurity and diet-related diseases. Family farms and local food are the heart of healthy communities. Mobile Farm Fresh is a nonprofit organization.

Community Thoughts!

  • KristaThe Mobile Farm Fresh market will be so convenient for our patients who don't always have access to personal transportation.  Many of our folks use the bus line in front of the Clinic, walk, or catch rides.  We hope that by having the market in our parking lot, our patients and the surrounding neighborhood will take advantage of fresh, local produce.  Additionally, the majority of our population struggles with diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.  We work hard to encourage our patients to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and exercise.  The Mobile Farm Fresh market will help in making these goals easier for our patients to achieve.
    Krista Woolly, Executive Director - Community Care Clinic of Rowan County
  • SamFoustIn 2010, The Salisbury Housing Authority in partnership with the City of Salisbury applied for and received a Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant. The grant was a part of the White House Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) to transform impacted neighborhoods into ‘neighborhoods of choice.’ Our CNI transformation plan concentrates on the West End which includes our public housing community called Civic Park. Choice Neighborhood grants requires transformation plans which address housing, people, and neighborhoods while trying to solve obstacles related to education, transportation, recreation, employment, and health. Numerous community meetings with residents’ input, public forums, study groups, and professional consultants developed a needs assessment and strategies for the West End Transformation to begin addressing the needs of the community and its residents. One need related to health and transportation emerged as a critical component to our plan; the need for residents to have access to fresh foods. Mobile Farm Fresh seems to be the answer we were looking for! Mobile Farm Fresh’s ability to bring locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables into our public housing communities, at affordable prices, overcomes two obstacles at once. With Mobile Farm Fresh, our residents can access fresh, nutritious foods without having to take public transportation to stores. This will be a wonderful advantage for our families and especially the children of our neighborhood!
    Sam Foust, Executive Director of the Salisbury Housing Authority
  • DariCaldwellHealth disparities caused by poor nutrition and lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a problem no family should face. As a partner in Mobile Farm Fresh, we are hopeful that more families, especially vulnerable citizens, will achieve healthier lifestyles
    Dari Caldwell, President - Novant Health Rowan Medical Center
  • Steve Haines You are creating something that could be culture changing, yet at the same time it is an example of what goes around comes back around. Now I realize that what you are about to do is much more extensive, and your mobile market will not just be going up and down the street, but it can provide a venue for many things, including community bonding.
    Steve Haines, Retired Senior Pastor - First United Methodist Church, Salisbury

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