About Mobile Farm Fresh


In direct response to our nation’s fight to reduce food insecurity and diet-related diseases such as obesity, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, Mobile Farm Fresh provides a model for bringing a mobile farmer’s market to any community and areas known as food deserts. Mobile Farm Fresh is a nonprofit organization.

Mobile Farm Fresh is a one-aisle grocery store on wheels, built in a retrofitted city transit bus and focused on selling fresh produce and other healthy food staples. A mobile store does not require the purchase or development of real estate. It can be constructed in a matter of weeks, not years. And its location is not irreversible; it can potentially serve multiple locations in a single day.

A single bus would serve as a prototype to gauge demand, refine the product line, and provide extensive educational resources. Mobile Farm Fresh will establish a supply partnership with an existing retailer or wholesaler and local farmers. The challenge is not demand-based but rather developing a cost-effective means of supply. Goods can be purchased from the mobile farmer’s market with cash, credit or debit card, and SNAP/EBT.  Mobile Farm Fresh supports the Center for Environmental Farming Systems’ 10% Campaign initiative.

It is our intention to ensure the mobile market concept meets the needs of the community, thus we will work to build partnerships, seek feedback from local citizens, and evaluate each step of the process. Lessons learned from will be infused in all future endeavors.

A mobile farmers market is a recommended strategy of the North Carolina Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch and has been funded in other areas of the country by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to address the health of communities by providing greater access to fresh produce and other healthy food staples.

At Mobile Farm Fresh we believe in a socially responsible design for our communities, nonprofit organizations, families, and individuals in Rowan County and the state of North Carolina. We believe in activism in our neighborhoods, working collaboratively with community partners to develop relationships with those that we serve by fostering a shared passion for clean, healthy, and sustainable spaces.